Undertaking Event Management At Work


We often have to host various functions for work. These may range from a product launch, to an annual cocktail party for clients or even simply an annual employees night. Whatever the occasion, hosting and planning one of these events is not an easy undertaking. We have put together a series of suggestions that you could put in place as a system to follow when hosting work events that can then be customised for each occasion.

Sort the numbers

You will want to start by sorting out all the numbers. What this means is that you should start by having a rough idea of approximately how many work related corporate and social events your company might host throughout the year. Then when making the company budget for the year you can make sure that a portion of the budget is allocated towards this so that you have a limit for how much can be spent and how many events can be hosted as well. Also have on hand a list of employees, contractors and clients. Make sure that these lists are constantly updated so that at any time you know how many people to expect at an event or how many to invite or at the very least have a number with which to make estimations and approximations on.

Hire help

You may want to look at hiring or entering into a contract with companies that provide corporate entertainment. This would be especially useful if hosting events is a regular art of your work life.

You are also likely to get better rates from a company that provides entertainment if you have a long term agreement with them. They will for instance likely take care of décor and other entertainment options such as providing photography services and providing other entertainment such as comedy sketches or music. Before hiring them, ask if they do tailor made entertainment packages based on the event. You will want to enter into similar contracts with a catering company. Also consider scouting out venues that you can regularly use and if you know for a fact that the annual Christmas party for instance has to be organised then make a booking early to avoid and mishaps or the unavailability of your venue at the peak of the holiday season.

Remember to delegate

You do not have to shoulder this burden alone. For each event remember to delegate. Place different people in charge of different aspects and work as their project manager – this way you can ensure that everything runs smoothly without getting too stressed out.